Green Screen Footage License

File Licence An perpetual, worldwide license allows you to use your licensed file in all media, including print, presentations, broadcasts, websites, and on social media sites. Please see the summary of restrictions below or read the Terms & Conditions for more details.   License comparison
Use Standard Licence
Unlimited web views x
Use the file in email marketing, mobile advertising, social media, or a broadcast program x
Can modify the file x
Unlimited copies or views of the file x
  Standard licenses Standard licenses are available for videos and editorial images (.psd). With an Standard license, you may:
  • Use the file with all the rights granted in the Standard license.
  • Reproduce the asset in unlimited copy/viewer restriction.
With an Standard license, you may not:
  • Distribute the stand-alone file.
  • Create merchandise, templates, or other products for resale or distribution where the primary value of the product is associated with the file itself. For example, you can't use the file to create a poster, t-shirt, or coffee mug that someone would buy specifically because of the file printed on it.

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